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We add the reduced-fat milk and cheese toward the end of cooking because reduced-fat dairy tends to break and curdle when heated for long periods.Serve with rosemary mashed potatoes, hot basmati or brown rice, or a bed of creamy polenta.Or make the ham biscuit of your dreams by slathering the chutney between layers.The Hero Ingredient: Slow-cooked chuck roast is the star of this easy, healthy crockpot recipe.

Serve with mashed potatoes or polenta to catch all the yummy sauce.The plum sauce helps keep the very lean pork tenderloin moist as it cooks.The slow cooker helps make this classic dish a weeknight supper your family will love.View Recipe: Chinese Pork Tenderloin with Garlic-Sauced Noodles.The smoked turkey leg lends salt and pleasant smoky flavor to the dish.

After you add the alcohol, turn the slow cooker to low to prevent the spirits from burning off and allow guests to help themselves.For a bit of heat and a deeper spice flavor, opt for Madras curry powder instead of regular curry powder.

A few ingredients take this soup over the top: a bit of half-and-half adds body and a luxurious creaminess, sherry rounds out the earthiness of the lentils, and crispy, crumbled bacon is just plain delicious.Our version cuts out nearly every one of those steps and lets the slow cooker do the work.Set a baking sheet on top, weight it down with a cast-iron skillet, and let it stand for a few minutes to draw out the moisture.Once you layer all the ingredients in your slow cooker, you can walk away and tend to other things as the cooker work its magic.Reminiscent of many Indian dishes, this recipe relies on slow cooking to develop its richness.This hearty vegetarian dinner is absolutely packed with vegetables.

But the slow cooker does not always produce the most flavorful results — a common complaint is that things often come out tasting one-note — so a lot of recipes rely on high-fat ingredients like cream or cheese to jazz things up.Blue cheese amps up the flavor for a little twist on the traditional artichoke appetizer.The slow cooker is the kitchen tool that can help you to cook healthy food in an easy way.This slow cooker version replicates the flavors and a bit of that traditional method: Chipotle chiles, ground cumin, and oregano offer bold, smoky flavor, and the beef brisket steams to tenderness as it cooks gently in the slow cooker.For a side, try braised shredded red cabbage tossed with a little apple cider vinegar.Serve with spaetzle, a doughy German egg noodle, or with simply cooked egg noodles and a side of steamed or roasted carrots.

This chutney thickens as it stands, as well as when it chills.We love the flavor and look of flat, squat cipollini onions, but you can substitute easier-to-find pearl onions.Serve this classic Middle Eastern meal in bowls so you can scoop up every drop of the tasty sauce with warm pita bread.

Ginger infuses this lemony hot toddy with a spicy kick—the perfect antidote to chilly winter weather.While lamb works well in this dish, with a flavor strong enough to hold up to the bold spices, chicken would make a good substitute.Because we love slow cooker recipes here at The Recipe Rebel.Check out this HUGE list of easy and delicious 5 Ingredient Crock Pot Recipes for Easy Dinners sure to please.This recipe for jerk chicken bathes chicken drumsticks in a flavorful jerk spice, slow cooks it for 4 hours and quick-broils it for added extra.This cookout favorite can be made a day or so in advance of serving—the flavors grow more richly intense with time.

This traditional Louisiana Creole fare is the ultimate in thriftiness and convenience, with two main ingredients: dried beans and rice.This jam would also make a great glaze for roast pork or chicken, or you could stir a touch into pan sauces for a hit of fruit flavor.For a near-instant appetizer, smear cream cheese, softened Brie, or labneh on whole-grain crackers, and top with the chutney.This slow cooker hack is one that will streamline your entertaining life while delighting your guests.Cannellini beans are the bulk of the dip, and their mild taste gets a flavor perk from toasted garlic, piney fresh rosemary, and meaty kalamata olives.

Best Easy Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes -

This Crock-Pot recipe makes getting dinner on the table really easy.Here, the bird simmers with flavor-packed ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean: kalamata olives, oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, fresh lemon juice, and Greek seasoning.

To amp up the veggies, serve over a bed of roasted cauliflower.This recipe makes great use of what we sometimes refer to as condiment alchemy: Hoisin, oyster, and soy sauces (all staple Asian condiments) come together to make a flavorful, savory sauce for meaty turkey thighs.And it turns out that a boneless breast (much larger than a boneless chicken breast, FYI) works great in a slow cooker.

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